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SSM (Samsung Security Manager)

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System Requirement


*  SSM v1.4 is only available in SSM mobile for SSM v1.4.

CPU Intel i7 (Sandy bridge) above
RAM 4 GB above, Video memory 1GB above,
HDD More than 20 GB of free space for installation. (For operation, the system log database requires 10 GB or more free space.), DirectX 8.1 above. Display resolution : 1,280 x 1,024 above, OpenGL compatible,Java6 support


Samsung Security Manager



SSM is a one-stop management software

platform that maximizes the efficiency of

Samsung’s network products (including
network cameras, encoders, DVRs and

NVRs). The client-server architecture

features stable video surveillance system

management through multi-site and multi-

client configuration. Access to the live/

recorded videos is extremely easy from

remote sites making it suitable for medium

to large-scale multi site applications.



• Samsung network solution is the

  ideal choice for a total management


   Samsung Techwin’s video surveillance

   products that include network cameras,

   encoders, DVRs and NVRs are effortlessly

   managed from a single SSM platform.

   The SSM is provided free of charge and is

   ideally suited to optimize the performance 

   and management of Samsung network products.


• Efficient management via Multi-site &

  Multi-client configuration
  Numerous clients can administer video

  surveillance products installed across multiple

  sites. This helps maximize the efficiency of the

  monitoring system enabling real-time

  management by the authorized personnel.


• Easy-to-use simple User Interface
 Most of the essential functionalities required

   by users are possible with SSM; including

   simultaneous monitoring of maps/live images,

   real-time event monitoring, playback and not

   forgetting an automatic health check for each



• A system that offers flexibility and


   Adding new or replacing old devices is an

   easy process so that they can be changed on

   demand or on system expansion, using a

   simple add/replace feature.


• Immediate event management using an

  auto event reaction setting
   Users can set specific reactions for a certain

   type of events, this allows for the immediate

   control of typical events, enhancing the

   monitoring efficiency.



※ the users who are currently in use of former

    v1.03 need to manually remove the


    PostgreSQL and install the v1.1



※ SSM v1.4 is only available in SSM mobile for

    SSM v1.4.




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1 A&E Document 2013-07-24 SSM A&E Document down
2 Brochure 2014-08-01 SSM Brochure_12P_updated down
3 Tutorial 2014-12-22 SW License Troubleshooting Guide_REV00_EN_20141211.pdf down
4 Datasheet 2015-12-09 Samsung Security Manager_151207.pdf down
5 Manual 2015-12-09 User Manual-SSM-SC-KOREAN_Web-1008.pdf down
6 Manual 2015-12-09 User Manual-SSM-SC-ENGLISH_Web-1008.pdf down
7 Manual 2015-12-09 User Manual-SSM-SC-CHINESE_Web-1008.pdf down
8 Manual 2015-12-09 User Manual-SSM-TS-KOREAN_Web-1106.pdf down
9 Manual 2015-12-09 User Manual-SSM-TS-ENGLISH_Web-1106.pdf down
10 Manual 2015-12-18 SSM_ENG down
11 Manual 2015-12-18 SSM-Global Manual(Including ENG).zip down
12 Software 2016-01-11 down
13 Software 2016-01-11 down
14 Software 2016-01-05 SSM-TS_v1.40.0_20151023.exe down
15 Software 2016-01-05 SSM-SC v1.00_20151109.exe down
16 Software 2016-01-11 down
17 Manual 2016-01-19 User Manual-SSM-KOREAN_Enterprise-151105.pdf down
18 Manual 2016-01-20 MANUAL(SSM Professional)_Japanese down
19 Manual 2016-01-20 User_Manual-SSM-VM-JAPANESE down


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