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There are frequently asked questions and answers. We will update them, so that they will be more useful to you. Visit 'contact us' for more questions.

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Section Category Title
Q Recorder(DVR) How to change DDNS server in SVR-440
Q CCTV [Video Recording][Remote Control] identically
Q Recorder(DVR) [Remote Control] Other DVR is working
Q CCTV [Video Recording][Remote Control] It’s not working
Q Recorder(DVR) [PTZ control] Controllable cameras
Q CCTV [Video Recording][PTZ control] RS-485/422 is not controlled
Q Recorder(DVR) [PTZ control] Usable controller besides DVR
Q Recorder(DVR) [PTZ control] The PTZ setting menu does not appear.
Q CCTV [Video Recording][Network] Recommended computer specifications
Q Recorder(DVR) [Network] Backup and play are not done.
Q Recorder(DVR) [Network] Controllable number of DVRs
Q Recorder(DVR) [Network] The network speed is down.
Q CCTV [Video Recording][HDD DISK] Recording is not done.
Q Recorder(DVR) [HDD DISK] How to check all HDDs
Q Recorder(DVR) [Image copy] When using a USB stick
Q Recorder(DVR) [Image copy] When using CD-RW/DVD-RW
Q Recorder(DVR) [Image copy] Backup device display
Q Recorder(DVR) [Image search] Copied CD/DVD search on PC.
Q Recorder(DVR) [Image recording] The Record button is not working.
Q Recorder(DVR) [Image recording] Record screen display